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Javascript Only Plugin for Camunda Cockpit

This example shows how to develop a Cockpit plugin without the need to register it with the Camunda BPM server. It makes use of the customScript property of the webapp configurations.

Built and tested against Camunda BPM version 7.11.0.


Integrate into Camunda Webapp

Copy the cats.js file into the app/cockpit/scripts/ folder in your Camunda webapp distribution. For the Tomcat distribution, this would be server/apache-tomcat-X.X.XX/webapps/camunda/app/cockpit/scripts/.

Add the following content to the customScripts object in the app/cockpit/scripts/config.js file:

  // …
  customScripts: {
    ngDeps: ['cockpit.cats'],

    deps: ['cats'],

    // RequreJS path definitions
    paths: {
      'cats': 'scripts/cats'
  // …


Use under terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0

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