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Error and Escalation Events in Embedded Forms

This quickstart demonstrates how to use escalation and error events in embedded forms.


Where are Error and Escalation events defined?

Boundary Events can be added in the Camunda Modeler. Each can be referenced by its error- or escalation code.

Modeler Screenshot

How are these events triggered from an embedded form?

Error events can be triggered by calling camForm.error('error-code', 'error-message') from a custom Script or using the <button cam-error-code="error-code"> element.

Similarly, an escalation can be triggered using camForm.escalate('escalation-code') from a custom Script or using the <button cam-escalation-code="escalation-code"> element.

How to use it?

  1. Checkout the project with Git
  2. Build the project with maven
  3. Deploy the war file to a camunda BPM platform distribution
  4. Go to the Tasklist and start a process instance for the process named "Embedded Forms BPMN Events"
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