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camunda-bpm-migration is a framework for making process instance migration easier. It builds upon the migration functionality introduced in camunda BPM 7.5.

Camunda already provides the ability to do a migration based on process definition mapping. Still, the migration plans can only be defined for deployed processes. So it is hard to impossible to define a migration plan on a dev machine, test it on pre-productoin and then apply it to the live system.

We add stuff like

  • deployment independent migration plans
  • variable mapping

And maybe some day some fancy sh*t like

  • migrating only some instances, e.g. everything that is before that super-critical service task

PAQ (Possibly Asked Questions)

Why are migration plans "stored" as Java code?

Each process implementation has its own specialties. When process instances are migrated, a lot of implementation details have to be considered. So, who is able to understand these details best? Who is able to provide a really good migration plan? Ah, right, the developer! All developers that work with camunda speak one common language: Java Do I have to say more?

Get started

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  1. deployment-independent migration plans
  2. variable mapping

Why "Barn Swallow"?

  1. Software is cooler, when it has a name.
  2. The Barn Swallow is also known as European Swallow and famous from the movie "Monty Python and the Holy Grail".
  3. The Barn Swallow is a migratory bird. Maybe I should have put this first.


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