Camunda BPM Wildfly Swarm Fractions and examples
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Camunda Wildfly Swarm extension

This Camunda community extension provides Wildfly Swarm fractions, which can be used to easily include Camunda in your Wildfly Swarm applications. You would need to add Camunda BOM and "Swarm fraction(s)" to your POM file. Available fractions are:

  • camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-platform for Camunda engine
  • camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-rest for Camunda REST API
  • camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-webapp(-ee) for Camunda Webapps



Please also check example project.

Enterprise version

To use enterprise version of Camunda:

  1. Use enterprise Camunda version, when adding Camunda BOM, e.g. 7.9.0-ee.
  2. Use fraction camunda-bpm-swarm-fraction-webapp-ee to include Camunda Enterprise Webapps.