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Camunda theme for Hugo docs


Clone this repository/branch aside of the

# from the directory
cd ..
git clone docs-hugo-theme
# go into its directory
cd docs-hugo-theme
git checkout docs-hugo-styling
npm i
grunt build

Note: you can clone this repository anywhere, but you may then change the value of package.json.


After installing (you probably want to have hugo running as watching server) and then use grunt in this directory.

Consuming the theme

The simplest way to consume the theme in a project is to use the git subtree facilitites:

Adding the latest version of the theme as camunda:

git subtree add -P themes/camunda dist --squash

Updating the theme to the latest version:

git subtree pull -P themes/camunda dist --squash

Theme development with Virtualbox

This would be the command to execute in order to make the local development site of camunda-docs-manual (see --baseUrl option) available in a virtualbox (typically for IE). Livereload should be deactivate (see --disableLiveReload) if you want to develop for IE9.

hugo --bind="" --baseUrl="" -w --disableLiveReload=true server

The development site is then available on ```in your virtualbox guest OS.