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Looking for a starting point to create you own plugin? Checkout our plugin starter project or consult the plugins documentation.

Camunda Modeler Plugins 🔌

This repository contains a number of plugins for the Camunda Modeler.

Style Plugins




  • Darlene - a personal assistant helping you navigate the waters of BPMN. Built with the Web Audio API.
  • Property Info Plugin - visualizes technical attributes like execution listeners, I/O mappings, field injections and extensions
  • Color Picker - A very basic Color Picker plugin which makes all colors available for the modeler
  • Technical ID Generator - This plugin helps you to generate technical IDs for BPMN symbols according to best practices
  • Reduced Palette - This plugin showcases how the palette and contextpad can be modified if you don't want to use all symbols

Additional Resources


MIT (unless noted otherwise)