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All notable changes to the Camunda Modeler are documented here. We use semantic versioning for releases.


Note: Yet to be released changes appear here.


  • FIX: fix misleading log usage when single-instance flag is set to false (#1363)



  • FIX: restore keyboard shortcuts modal (#1358)
  • FIX: ignore NODE_ENV environment variable in production build (#1352)
  • FIX: keep changes when moving back and forth between unsafed tabs (#1347)


  • FEAT: show DataInput / DataOutput labels (#1324)
  • FEAT: allow basic DataInput / DataOutput move
  • FIX: prevent unnecessary dirty state without actual label update (#858)
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@3.3.1


  • FIX: fix desktop icons on Linux



  • CHORE: update to electron@3.1.7
  • FIX: show open file error dialog if tab couldn't be created (#1320)
  • FIX: fix DMN navigation (#1321)
  • FIX: update lastXML on xml prop change (#1323)


  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@3.2.2



  • FEAT: resize tab whenever app layout changes (8592eb4)
  • FEAT: mark file as unsaved if user cancels update (#1188)
  • FEAT: display error tab when editor fails (#1214)
  • FEAT: provide relevant context for tab errors (#1176)
  • FEAT: log mapped stack trace for errors (60393fe)
  • FEAT: restore Diagram opened with warnings hint (#1177)
  • FEAT: add simple way to restart editor without plug-ins (#1253)
  • CHORE: add license headers to all source files (#1231)
  • FIX: only show plug-ins menu if plug-ins are registered (#1239)
  • FIX: restore menu state backwards compatibility (#1193)
  • FIX: disable reopen last tab menu button when there is no last tab (#1173)
  • FIX: disable save as menu button for empty tab (#1282)
  • FIX: import xml to editor only when it is changed (3f9cdaf, #1298)
  • FIX: allow well-known files to be dropped (46ae9b1)
  • FIX: restore empty file dialog (#1301)
  • FIX: correct undo/redo behavior (#1218)
  • FIX: disable plugin menu item when function returns falsy value (#1311)


  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@3.2.2
  • FIX: gracefully handle missing waypoints (45486f2)
  • FIX: restore error dialog for broken diagram (#1192)
  • FIX: replace namespace util to not parse diagram twice (bdee98e)


  • FEAT: show input and output label first in editors (#346)
  • CHORE: update to dmn-js@6.3.2
  • FIX: set dirty state correctly when view is changed
  • FIX: properly destroy individual viewers on dmn-js destruction (#392)
  • FIX: change active view when sheets change (#1310)



  • CHORE: restore improved image resolution, supposedly shipped with v3.0.0-0 already (#486)
  • FIX: set align to origin offset to saner default
  • FIX: ensure new diagrams contain unique ids for process, case and decision elements



  • FIX: handle unrecognized, non-file arguments passed to application (#1237)



  • FEAT: add feature toggles (#1159)
  • FEAT: add BPMN only mode (#872)
  • FEAT: rework file dropping
  • FEAT: improve logging across the application
  • FEAT: allow disabling plug-ins via flag (4b365482)
  • FEAT: align diagrams to (0,0) on save to prevent negative coordinates (#982, #1183)
  • FEAT: drop diagram origin cross (#1096)
  • FEAT: unify search paths for plug-ins and element templates (#597)
  • FEAT: show full path to diagram as tab title (#1187)
  • FEAT: make application logs available on file system (#1156)
  • CHORE: update to electron@3.1.3
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@3.2.0
  • FIX: correct shortcuts shown in overlay (#1039)
  • FIX: properly handle file-drop in XML view (#571)
  • FIX: don't throw error when dragging file over diagram tabs (#1120)
  • FIX: prevent jumping when resizing properties/log panels (f68e6764)
  • FIX: re-open + focus docked app on file open (MacOS) (eff83531)
  • FIX: prevent external file changed dialog from opening twice on Windows / Linux (#1118)


  • FEAT: set isHorizontal to bpmndi:Shape elements (#1096)
  • FIX: mark diagram as dirty after activiti to camunda namespace conversion (#403)

Deploy Dialog

  • FEAT: set deployment-source to Camunda Modeler (#1153)


  • FEAT: add ability to reference local assets via logical paths (dcf2bc0b)
  • FEAT: recognize plug-ins in {basePath}/resources/plugins (#597)
  • CHORE: gracefully handle plugin load failures (#1180)
  • CHORE: enforce unique names (#1180)
  • CHORE: log loading and activation (#1180)
  • CHORE: improve plugin error handling in various places (d916d22f, 420cf831, 39e3c2eb)
  • CHORE: deprecate global plug-in helpers in favor of logical paths (1de7af5a)
  • FIX: give plug-ins stored in {userData} access to local assets (#1135)

Breaking Changes

  • The global plug-in helper getPluginPaths() did not work reliably and got deprecated. Use logical paths of the form app-plugins://{pluginName}/{pathToResource} to reference static plug-in assets (1de7af5a).
  • The global plug-in helper getModelerPath() was removed without replacement (1de7af5a).
  • Rewriting the modeler changed most CSS selectors outside the actual diagram editors / properties panels. This may break plug-ins that monkey patch the application styles.
  • To improve compatibility with external tools, we now prevent negative coordinates by aligning to (0,0) on diagram save. This results in slightly more noise in actual file changes (#1096).


This is a pre-release of the app ported to an entirely new architecture.


  • FEAT: add ability for users to give feedback via the Help menu (#1094)
  • FEAT: improve resolution of exported images (#486)
  • CHORE: rewrite client app in ReactJS (#866)
  • CHORE: rewrite back-end for better separation of concerns and extensibility (#866)
  • CHORE: rework back-end to client communication (#866)
  • CHORE: update to electron@3.0.14
  • FIX: do not restrict height of properties panel content (#283, #62, #6)

Deploy Dialog

  • FEAT: add ability to use authentication (#1063, #742)
  • FEAT: remember last deployed endpoint URL (#1041)
  • FEAT: improve error handling (#838, #846)
  • FEAT: deploy only changed resources per default (#744)
  • FIX: disable editor shortcuts while modal is active (#929)


  • FEAT: add hints to returned Java types in properties panel (#286)
  • FEAT: show target variable name instead of index in properties panel (#287)
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@3.1.0
  • FIX: render labels always on top (#1050)


  • FEAT: add ability to navigate all decision elements using tabs
  • CHORE: update to dmn-js@6.2.0
  • FIX: correct dirty state indicator


  • CHORE: update to cmmn-js@0.17.0



  • FIX: include camunda:calledElementVersionTag (#1074)



  • FIX: do not join incoming/outgoing flows other than sequence flows on element deletion (#1033)


  • CHORE: drop unused dependency


  • FIX: correct camunda:isStartableInTasklist default value



  • FEAT: support moving elements via keyboard arrows on all diagram editors (a2b5bf07)
  • FEAT: add accessible context-pad and popup-menu to all remaining diagram editors (DRD, CMMN)
  • CHORE: update to cmmn-js@0.16.0
  • CHORE: update to dmn-js@6.0.0
  • FIX: correct properties panel scrolling with many items


  • FEAT: add editing support for camunda:isStartableInTasklist (#843)


  • FEAT: support moving canvas via keyboard arrows in DRD editor (#1016)
  • FEAT: add diagram origin cross in DRD editor (7dceaf5f9)


  • CHORE: update dependencies


  • FIX: fix move canvas key binding in BPMN editor



  • FEAT: moving the canvas using keyboard arrows now requires the Ctrl/Cmd modifier
  • FIX: correctly detect file type when opening file (#944)
  • CHORE: bump to electron@3.0.0


  • FEAT: add moddle extensions as plugins to bpmn-js (#949)
  • FEAT: display group names (#844)
  • FEAT: add ability to move selection with keyboard arrows (#376)
  • FEAT: improve EventBasedGateway context pad tooltips (#917)
  • FEAT: improve modeling behavior after EventBasedGateway (#784)
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@3


  • CHORE: update to dmn-js@5.2.0


  • CHORE: update to cmmn-js@0.15.2


Republish of v2.0.2 with fixed distribution.


  • FIX: fix native copy and paste in DMN decision tables on MacOS (#758)


  • FIX: correct MacOS app icon size (#901)


  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js-properties-panel@0.26.2


This is a pre-release.

  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@2.5.1


This is a pre-release.

  • CHORE: drop unused dependency


This is a pre-release.

  • CHORE: bump electron version


This is a pre-release.


  • CHORE: drop Windows installer, as it is currently broken (cf. #867)


  • FEAT: snap bpmn:Event to center when creating message flows (#887)
  • FIX: prevent error dragging label onto bpmn:MessageFlow (#888)
  • FIX: round coordinates when dragging elements (#886)


This is a pre-release.

  • FIX: properly reflect decision id changes in decision table and literal expression editors


This is a pre-release.

  • FEAT: add DMN properties panel, avaliable for all DMN editors (#847)
  • FEAT: add ability to edit camunda:historyTimeToLive on dmn:Decision elements (#581)
  • FEAT: add ability to edit camunda:versionTag on dmn:Decision elements (#802)
  • CHORE: drop dmn:Definitions name and id editing from DRD editor; you may edit these properties via the DMN properties panel (653eb607)


This is a pre-release.

  • FEAT: improve minimap, round two
  • FEAT: support boundary event to activity loops (#776)
  • FEAT: support activity to activity loops
  • FEAT: provide Windows installer and MacOS DMG distribution (#787)
  • FEAT: sign executables on Windows and MacOS (#787)
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@2.4.0
  • CHORE: update to cmmn-js@0.15.0
  • CHORE: update to diagram-js-minimap@1.2.2
  • CHORE: drop in-app Windows file association behavior in favor of external support script (a07b693a)
  • FIX: correct minimap collapse icon
  • FIX: correct app icons (#503)
  • FIX: prevent creation of duplicate flows in BPMN editor (#777)


  • FIX: correctly update editor actions on direct editing (#790, #834)
  • FIX: use Arial as default font when exporting SVG (#840)
  • CHORE: update to dmn-js@5.1.0
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@2.3.1


  • FIX: correct bpmn-js version used in lock file
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@2.2.1


  • FEAT: show loader on application startup
  • FEAT: resize text annotation when editing via properties panel (#631)
  • FIX: correct error message on import error (#821)
  • FIX: create/update labels when updating element name via properties panel (#824)
  • FIX: correct target attribute in signal payload not being removed from BPMN 2.0 XML (#818)
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@2.2.0
  • CHORE: update to diagram-js-minimap@1


  • CHORE: make dialogs actual modal windows (#815)


  • FEAT: allow data stores to be modeled between participants (#183)
  • FEAT: allow deletion of external labels, clearing text (#243)
  • FEAT: speed up BPMN diagram import by only rendering non-empty labels
  • FEAT: show loader when opening huge diagrams (#704)
  • FEAT: export image using native type chooser (#171)
  • CHORE: improve text rendering in BPMN diagrams
  • FIX: correct BPMN editor align button tooltip (#590)
  • FIX: make cycle option for BPMN intermediate timer events available again (#792)
  • FIX: correct edit menu on direct editing activation (#708)
  • FIX: prevent BPMN element deletion when pressing DEL in BPMN properties panel (#680)
  • CHORE: update to Electron@2
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js@2.1.0
  • CHORE: update to bpmn-js-properties-panel@0.25.1


  • FEAT: add ability to create a new diagram when opening an empty file (#636)
  • FEAT: improve compatibility with Signavio BPMN 2.0 exports (#732)
  • FIX: correct context menu positioning in decision table editor


Check git log for earlier history.

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