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⚠️ This feature got introduced in Camunda Modeler v3.0.0 and may be subject to change at any time.


Flags allow you to control the availability of certain features within the application.

Configuring Flags

You may configure flags in a flags.json file or pass them via CLI.

Configure in flags.json

Place a flags.json file inside the resources folder of your local {USER_DATA} or {APP_HOME} directory to persist them.

Configure via CLI

Pass flags via the command line when starting the application.

camunda-modeler --disable-plugins

Flags passed as command line arguments take precedence over those configured via a configuration file.

Available Flags

  "disable-plugins": false,
  "disable-adjust-origin": false,
  "disable-cmmn": false,
  "disable-dmn": false,
  "single-instance": false


BPMN-only Mode

To disable the CMMN and DMN editing capabilities of the App, configure your flags.json like this:

    "disable-cmmn": true,
    "disable-dmn": true

As a result, the app will only allow users to model BPMN diagrams.

BPMN only mode

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