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Camunda 8 Helm

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This GitHub repository is mainly for development, don't use it directly to deploy Camunda. End users should use the official documentation for installation, upgrade, etc.


Camunda 8 Self-Managed Helm charts repo. Camunda 8 Helm chart is an umbrella chart for different components. Some are internal (sub-charts), and some are external (third-party). The dependency management is fully automated and managed by Helm itself.

Camunda 8 Self-Managed Helm charts architecture diagram
Camunda 8 architecture



For more details about the Camunda 8 Helm chart versioning, please read the versioning scheme.


Find out more details about different installation and deployment options on the Camunda 8 Helm chart readme.


Default values cannot cover every use case, so we have Camunda 8 deploy guides. The guides have detailed examples for different use cases like Ingress setup.


Please create a new issue if you found any problem with the Camunda 8 Helm charts.


We value all feedback and contributions. To start contributing to this project, please:

  • Don't create a PR without opening an issue and discussing it first.
  • Familiarize yourself with the contribution guide.
  • Find more information about configuring and deploying the Camunda 8 Helm chart.


Please visit the Camunda 8 release guide to find out how to release the charts.


Camunda 8 Self-Managed Helm charts are licensed under the open-source Apache License 2.0. Please see LICENSE for details.

For Camunda 8 components, please visit the licensing information page.