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Camunda BPM community extension providing translations for Camunda Webapps
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Camunda Webapp Translations

This community extension for Camunda BPM provides translations for Camunda Tasklist, Cockpit Basic/Full and Admin.

Get Started

Just copy one or more of the language files to a webapp and include them in the config file as described in the User Guide.

A Video Tutorial is also available.

List of available translations

Language Version Webapp Contributor
German 7.9.0 Tasklist, Cockpit, Admin camunda services GmbH, Philipp Heuer
English 7.9.0 Tasklist, Cockpit, Admin camunda services GmbH
Czech 7.7.0 Tasklist Trask solutions, Tomas Mikes
Russian 7.6.0 Tasklist Andrii Stesin, Max Davliatshin
Ukrainian 7.5.0 Tasklist Andrii Stesin
Polish 7.5.0 Tasklist camunda services GmbH
Dutch 7.5.0 Tasklist camunda services GmbH
Spanish 7.5.0 Tasklist Paolo Vásquez
Portuguese(Brazilian) 7.5.0 Tasklist (7.5.0), Admin (7.10) Marcio Junior Vieira(Ambiente Livre), GabrielAraujoSouza
Japanese 7.5.0 Tasklist Masaaki Inaba (Rational Works, Inc.)
Danish 7.6.0 Tasklist Lasse Lindgård


Everybody is welcome to contribute! You can help by sending us a pull request with your translation.

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