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DMN engine - Zeebe Worker

A Zeebe worker for decision evaluation (e.g. Business Rule Tasks).

How to use it?

Download the jar file (dmn-engine-zeebe-worker-${version}-full.jar).

Create a repository for your decisions (default is 'dmn-repo').

Run the application with

java -jar dmn-engine-zeebe-worker-${VERSION}-full.jar 

Per default, the application uses the directory 'dmn-repo' as repository.

You can change the configuration by the following environment variables:

  • dmn.repo - the directory the repository
  • zeebe.client.broker.contactPoint - the Zeebe connection

Zeebe Task Definition

  • register for jobs of type DMN
  • required task header decisionRef => id of the decision to evaluate
  • completes job with payload result which contains the complete decision result
<bpmn:serviceTask id="decisionTask" name="Eval DMN decision">
    <zeebe:taskDefinition type="DMN" />
      <zeebe:header key="decisionRef" value="dish-decision" />
      <zeebe:output source="$.result" target="$.decisionResult" />

How to build it?

You can build the project with SBT or Maven.

Using SBT

In the root directory:

Run the tests with

sbt zeebeWorker/test

Build the jar including all dependencies with

sbt zeebeWorker/assembly

Using Maven

Run the tests with

mvn test

Build the jar including all dependencies with

mvn install