Community extension providing a Camunda Cycle connector for Trisotech
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Camunda Cycle Trisotech Connector

This is a Trisotech Connector for camunda Cycle. It contains the implementation of a connector which persists and synchronizes BPMN models between the a Trisotech repository and another location, like a file repository.

Create Connector Screenshot

It is important to note that the username could be anything but the password must be a valid authentication token obtained from accessing the url:{trisotechBaseUrl}/publicapi/login from a browser and copy/pasting the value of the authToken variable in the response. The trisotechBaseUrl should only be modified if your company have a private Digital Enterprise Server.

How to use it?

  1. Checkout the project with Git
  2. Build the project with maven
  3. Deploy the jar file to a cycle distribution (see installation guide)
  4. Update the connector-configurations.xml file
  5. Start Cycle, goto Connectors and add a new Example Connector