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Python library that merges python-excel (xlrd, xlwt) and openpyxl to work with both .xls and .xlsx files.

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spreadsheet combines python-excel (xlrd, xlwt) and openpyxl to allow a single set of commands for editing .xls and .xlsx files in Python.

The commands for using this library can be found at the openpyxl site ( with the only change being that openpyxl will be replaced with spreadsheet.


""" Convert xlsx to xls or vice verse """
import spreadsheet

wb_xlsx = spreadsheet.load_workbook('demo1.xlsx')
wb_xls  = spreadsheet.load_workbook('demo2.xls')'demo1.xls')'demo2.xlsx')

""" Create a new spreadsheet and place the value 'Hello World' in cell A1 """
import spreadsheet

wb = spreadsheet.Workbook()
sh = wb.get_active_sheet()
sh.cell(row=0, column=0).value = 'Hello World''demo3.xlsx')

Download these files and place them in PythonXX/Lib/site-packages/spreadsheet

Then it should work!
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