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(ns carbonapi.functions
(:require [carbonapi.math :refer [abs]]))
(defn- get-arg
"Returns serialized form of argument"
(map? arg) (:target arg)
(string? arg) (str "\"" arg "\"")
:else (str arg)))
(defn- func-name
"Reconstructs function call from name and a list of arguments"
[name & args]
(str name
(clojure.string/join "," (map get-arg args))
(defn- map-values
"Applies function to every value of the single series and returns new series with target changed to reflect function application"
[func series fname]
(let [data (:datapoints series)
app-func (fn [[val ts]] [(if (nil? val) nil (func val)) ts])
new-data (map app-func data)]
(assoc series
:target (fname series)
:datapoints new-data)))
(defn- map-series
"Applies function to every value for a series lists and return new series lists with targets changed to reflect function application"
[func series-lists fname]
(map (fn [series-list]
(map-values func series-list fname))
(defn call-func
"Function is called by parser to execute function on a list. Currently it searches for the function name in the carbonapi.functions namespace and executes the function if found"
[func & args]
(let [f (resolve (symbol (str "carbonapi.functions/" func)))]
(apply f args)))
(defn absolute
"Transforms all values of the series lists to their absolute value"
(let [fname (fn [series-list] (func-name "absolute" series-list))]
(map-series abs series-lists fname)))
(defn offset
"Shifts all the values of the series lists by a value"
[series-lists value]
(let [fname (fn [series-list] (func-name "offset" series-list value))]
(map-series (partial + value) series-lists fname)))