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(ns carbonapi.remote
(:require [clj-http.client :as client]
[flatland.protobuf.core :refer [protodef protobuf-load]])
(:import (carbonzipperpb Carbonzipper$MultiFetchResponse))
(def MultiFetchResponse (protodef Carbonzipper$MultiFetchResponse))
;; these atoms are needed to avoid continues passing of these parameters
;; through all functions as parameters.
(defonce source-host (atom nil))
(defonce source-format (atom "json"))
(defn- normalize-pb-metric
"Takes protobuf output for a single metric and transforms it to the same format as with json"
(let [target (:name metric)
start-time (.valAt metric "startTime")
step-time (.valAt metric "stepTime")]
:target target
:datapoints (map-indexed (fn [idx item]
[item (+ start-time (* step-time idx))])
(:values metric))
(defn- normalize-pb-metrics
"Takes zipper response in protobuf format and transforms it to the same format as with json"
(map normalize-pb-metric (:metrics metrics)))
(defn set-host!
"Sets the host to fetch the data from. The host should be with protocol, e.g. http://localhost:8080"
(reset! source-host host))
(defn set-format!
"Sets the output format to request from the zipper. Currently only json and protobuf formats are supported"
(reset! source-format format))
(defn- build-query
"Builds url to fetch the data from"
[targets format]
(clojure.string/join "&" (map (partial str "target=") targets))))
(defn- fetch-json
"Fetches data in json format"
(:body (client/get (build-query targets "json") {:as :json})))
(defn- fetch-protobuf
"Fetches and normalizes data in protobuf format"
(normalize-pb-metrics (protobuf-load MultiFetchResponse (:body (client/get (build-query targets "protobuf") {:as :byte-array})))))
(defn fetch
"Fetches data from the zipper. Function relies on the values set by set-host! and set-format! functions. Currently only json and protobuf communication formats are supported"
(if (nil? @source-host)
(println "carbonapi.remote/source-host is not set, use set-host! for this")
(case @source-format
"json" (fetch-json targets)
"protobuf" (fetch-protobuf targets)