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(ns carbonapi.server
(:import [javax.imageio ImageIO]
[ ByteArrayOutputStream ByteArrayInputStream])
(:require [compojure.core :refer :all]
[ring.middleware.json :refer [wrap-json-response]]
[ring.middleware.params :refer [wrap-params]]
[ring.util.response :refer [response]]
[org.httpkit.server :refer [run-server]]))
(defn- map-keys
"Transform all keys of the map with the function"
[func hash]
(let [arr (into [] hash)]
(reduce (fn [acc [key val]]
(assoc acc (func key) val)) {} arr)))
(defn- render-image
"Takes ByteArrayInputStream and transforms it to a png image"
(let [out (ByteArrayOutputStream.)]
(do (ImageIO/write image "png" out) (ByteArrayInputStream. (.toByteArray out)))))
(defn- response-chart
"Transform JFreeChart object to the png image"
[chart options]
(let [w (Integer/parseInt (or (:width options) "330"))
h (Integer/parseInt (or (:height options) "250"))
img (.createBufferedImage chart w h)]
(-> (ring.util.response/response (render-image img))
(ring.util.response/content-type "image/png"))))
(defn- render
"Render route"
(let [qparams (map-keys keyword (:query-params req))
targets (-> qparams
params (select-keys qparams
[:width :height :title])]
(if (= "json" (:format qparams))
(response (carbonapi.core/query targets))
(response-chart (carbonapi.core/render-query targets params) params))))
(defroutes app
(GET "/render" [] render))
(defonce server (atom nil))
(defn stop!
"Stop server"
(when-not (nil? @server)
;; graceful shutdown: wait 100ms for existing requests to be finished
;; :timeout is optional, when no timeout, stop immediately
(@server :timeout 100)
(reset! server nil)))
(defn start!
"Start server. The atom is used, so that server state can be controlled from the repl"
(reset! server (run-server (-> app
{:port port})))