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(ns carbonapi.parser-test
(:require [carbonapi.parser :refer :all]
[clojure.test :refer :all]))
(deftest parse-target-round
(let [target "target.{1,2}_record*.*"]
(is (= target (build-target (-> target decompose-target second)))
"parser should be able to construct target back")))
(deftest target-matching
(let [target "target.{1,2}_record*.*"
matcher (-> target decompose-target second build-matcher)
targets [
["target.1_record.two" true]
["target.2_recordbla.two" true]
["target.3_record.two" false]
["target.2_recordbla" false]
(doseq [[trg should-match?] targets]
(is (= (matches? matcher trg) should-match?) (str "matching " trg "should result in " should-match?))
(deftest targets-extraction
(let [target "abs(target.{1,2}_record*.*,2,test.count)"
[targets tree] (parse-query target)
targets-set #{"target.{1,2}_record*.*" "test.count"}]
(is (= targets-set (set targets)) "parse-query should extract targets from arguments")))