example data files written to the NXcanSAS standard
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example data files written to the NXcanSAS standard

In this repository, the example files in these directories are known to have been written to the NXcanSAS standard:

  • 1d_standard/
    • These examples are from SAS measurements of actual or simulated samples.
  • canSAS2012_examples/
    • These examples use random numbers to fill the I and Q data arrays

Examples in the others directory are not guaranteed to conform to the NXcanSAS standard.

NXcanSAS: a NeXus application definition

The NXcanSAS application definition was ratified by the NIAC at their 2016 meeting and is now part of the NeXus standard.

File validation

It is recommended that any NXcanSAS example data file deposited here be checked using a validation tool called punx (Python Utilities for NeXus). It would be useful to post the validation output from punx along with the example data file.

Information about punx (currently in development) is available online: http://punx.readthedocs.io

It is planned to add a validation step to this repository so that all data files will be checked each time the GitHub repository is updated. This will use the travis-ci.org continuous integration process and the punx tool described above.