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Main idea is make it possible to use Adobe Flash for creating visual content for unity games.

The framework consists of two parts:

  • FlashExporter: desktop application written with Adobe Air that converts flash objects from .swf file to set of resources for unity project.
  • RuntimeLibrary: C# Library that renders graphics and plays animation at unity runtime.

Exporting Features

  • Exporting symbols from Flash as bitmap sprite.
  • Exporting animated symbols from Flash as as bitmap sequence.
  • Exporting animated symbols from Flash as timeline animation.
  • Packing sprites to sprite sheet.
  • Support for basic geometric transforms: scale, rotation, position.
  • Support for color transforms: brightness and tint for each channel.
  • Design in Flash complex compositions of visual objects. Hierarchical structure of visual objects in such compositions is accessible from unity code.
  • Support for text rendering. Font is being exported as set of bitmaps (for each used character).
  • Code generation: C# code is being generated for all resource items. Compile-time checking prevents from errors like if someone accidentally removes or renames symbols in Flash.

Runtime Features

  • Clean and robust API for manipulating of composition of visual objects
  • Flash objects are rendered in a FlashStage component using one draw call. Whole flash scene is rendered as one mesh.
  • Touch events for single object
  • Tween library for programmatic animation

Getting Started

The fastest way is to checkout master branch of this repository.
It contains SampleProject which is ready to run in unity.

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