Shows future events in a 3D perspective using jQuery, Raphael and the Google Calendar API.
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Perspective Calendar

This project grew out of Marco Arment's "Logarithmic Calendar" blog post [1] and my own spin on the idea to make a calendar into a 3D perspective view [2]. The basic idea is simple: you care most about your near future, and less about your distant future. That sounds an awful lot like looking down a busy street--the closer things and people are to you, the more you have to think about how to navigate through and around them.

There's a little exception to this general rule, and it goes like this: There are a handful of future events that are so important that you actually WANT to see them coming from a mile away. For example, you may want to prepare for your final exams, anticipate your boyfriend's birthday, or worry about January 1st, 2012. In these cases, it would be handy to have a very large object in the distance to represent the importance of such an event. This is precisely what the Perspective Calendar does.


The project is available as a demo page here on Github.

How it Works

This Perspective Calendar project can be thought of as an extension to Google Calendar--it takes a public calendar feed and turns it into events that javascript can understand. The events are then mapped to a 3D space and drawn using the Raphael JS library (scalable vector graphics).

Present & Future

Currently, events are mapped to the left-hand side of the "road" and rendered in a single color. The events can be dragged around to different "tracks" and times, but they are not yet saved. In other words, this is a read-only calendar view, with some support for future calendar editing possibilities.