An annotated and lightly edited version of Mikhail Peslyak's paper, "Model of pathogenisis of psoriasis"
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What is this project?

An attempt to make sense of a very interesting paper on Psoriasis called "Model of pathogenesis of psoriasis", published first in Russian, and then in English.

The online version of these notes can be accessed here.

Is it a retranslation?

Not really. While I have taken editorial liberties in making certain places sound more like colloquial English, I'm not really attempting a retranslation. For starters, I don't know Russian. And secondarily, I don't know the author. Rather, I want to be more of a student of Mikhail Peslyak's paper, and so this project is an attempt to understand enough of his paper so that I can make sense of it, and perhaps help anyone who has psoriatic symptoms (e.g. arthritic, epidermic, or otherwise).

What's your background?

I don't have a degree in microbiology. In fact, I'm not a biologist. I'm a software developer. But I have taken classes in biology, microbiology and bioinformatics, so I have a very basic knowledge of concepts. The web is a wonderful thing, however, and I'm confident that I will be able to get through this paper with the help of external resources (Wikipedia, the apple of my eye--I donated to you last year!)

Can I contribute?

Of course! If you care about this subject and are self-motivated, feel free to open "issues" if I have something wrong, and I'll correct it. Or add to the wiki if you would like to elucidate some concept, and then I can link to the expanded topic.

How did this start?

I had an illness in Dec 2011 that looked like Psoriasis. It turns out it was Pityriasis Rosea. I'm curious and like to try to understand whatever is around me, so I began investigating the literature on Psoriasis. This paper (by Mikhail Peslyak) was on and seemed like a great jumping-off point into the science of immunity and Psoriasis in particular.