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A kid-friendly version of the popular Wordle game

Try it out: Spellie - Wordle for Kids

Differences from classic Wordle:

  • Daily puzzles from a curated, kid-friendly list of words
  • 3 difficulty levels to challenge spellers of all ages
    • Easy is appropriate for K-2 and has hints and help
    • Medium is appropriate for Grade 3 and has hints
    • Hard mode is challenging enough for adults, but with words that any Grade 4 student can spell
  • 600+ emojis that you can collect as rewards for spelling and imagination
  • Brighter, more kid friendly colours
  • Kid-friendly font with either uppercase or lowercase letters
  • Letters can be entered in any order
  • Alphabetically ordered keyboard (optional)
  • Allows guesses not in the dictionary (optional)

Future enhancements: