Implementing a REM server.
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Anax REM server (remserver)

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Anax REM server (remserver) module implements a REM server. A REM server is a REST Mockup API, useful for development and test of REST clients.

You can use this module, together with an Anax installation, to enable a scaffolded REM server, useful for test, development and prototyping.

This remserver can be used with various HTTP methods to use CRUD operations on predefined datasets.

The data is stored in the session and can therefore not be shared between users and browsers.

Table of content

You can also read this documentation online.

Install as Anax module

This is how you install the module into an existing Anax installation.

Install using composer.

composer require anax/remserver

Copy the needed configuration and setup the remserver as a route handler for the route remserver.

rsync -av vendor/anax/remserver/config ./

The remserver is now active on the route remserver/ according to the API documentation. You may try it out on the route remserver/users to get the default dataset users.

Optionally you may copy the API documentation.

rsync -av vendor/anax/remserver/content/ content/

The API documentation is now available through the route remserver-api.

Install using scaffold postprocessing file

The module supports a postprocessing installation script, to be used with Anax scaffolding. The script executes the default installation, as outlined above.

bash vendor/anax/remserver/.anax/scaffold/postprocess.d/700_remserver.bash

The postprocessing script should be run after the composer require is done.

Install and setup Anax

You need a Anax installation, before you can use this module. You can create a sample Anax installation, using the scaffolding utility anax-cli.

Scaffold a sample Anax installation anax-site-develop into the directory rem.

$ anax create rem anax-site-develop
$ cd rem

Point your webserver to rem/htdocs and Anax should display a Home-page.


This is a Anax modulen and primarly intended to be used together with the Anax framework.


This software carries a MIT license. See LICENSE.txt for details.

..:  Copyright (c) 2017 - 2018 Mikael Roos (