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Another extremely simple program is iptee.

It has a single function: supply data to possibly failing TCP and UDP listeners. It can send data to 256 different listeners. It will reconnect to TCP and UDP servers when the connection fails.

iptee could do with some improving, by making the DNS lookup and TCP connect phase asynchronous. As it stands now it is mostly useful for connecting to UDP listeners where the connect() is just a local action that does not perform network activity. I meant to improve on this but in practice I'm only using this with UDP listeners and thus haven't found the limitation terribly important yet. Gee, could do with more spare time...

For the most common use scenario see nmea0183-serial.

$ iptee
Usage: iptee [-w] [-t|-u] host port [host port ...]

This program forwards stdin to the given TCP and UDP ports.
Stdin is also forwarded to stdout unless -w is used.
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