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#!/usr/bin/env python
Generates annotations file from an associations file, expects first two columns to be representative of features
Using Feature IDs of the form:
Extracts the following columns:
python RF_ACE_ASSOCIATIONS_FILE > json_output_file
import sys
import json
from optparse import OptionParser
processed_features = []
def processFile(filename, options):
if options.verbose: print "processFile(%s)" % filename
f = open(filename)
json_out = { "items" : [] }
for line in f.readlines():
if not line.startswith("##"):
cols = line.split("\t")
feature_a = feature_id_extract(cols[0])
feature_b = feature_id_extract(cols[1])
if not feature_a is None: json_out["items"].append(feature_a)
if not feature_b is None: json_out["items"].append(feature_b)
print json.dumps(json_out, indent=4)
def feature_id_extract(feature):
if feature in processed_features:
return None
feature_parts = feature.split(":")
if "chr" in feature:
start = feature_parts[5]
end = feature_parts[6]
if not start: start = -1
if not end: end = -1
return {
"feature_id": feature,
"type": feature_parts[0],
"source": feature_parts[1],
"gene": feature_parts[2],
"label": feature_parts[2],
"modifier": feature_parts[3],
"chr": feature_parts[4][3:],
"start": int(start),
"end": int(end),
"strand": feature_parts[7]
return {
"feature_id": feature,
"type": feature_parts[0],
"source": feature_parts[1],
"label": feature_parts[2],
"modifier": feature_parts[3]
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = OptionParser(usage="%prog ASSOCIATIONS_FILE")
parser.add_option("-v", "--verbose", action="store_true", dest="verbose", default=False, help="Prints debugging statements")
(options, args) = parser.parse_args()
filename = args[0]
if not filename is None:
processFile(filename, options)
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