Deal with narrowing #1

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Currently, the code uses emacs calls like point-max to compute the calls that need to be sent to the server. However, if a user narrows the buffer, these calls return the positions as if the visible portion of the buffer were

Desired Behavior

cccp-mode should function normally when narrowing is in use.

Open Questions

  • Is narrowing reported as a deletion to the modification functions? If so, it's going to look to everyone else as if chunks of the buffer were deleted whenever the user narrows. That's probably not helpful, particularly if other users are editing elsewhere in the buffer.
  • If the buffer is narrowed, what positions are reported to cccp-before-change and cccp-after-change? Are they the narrowed positions or the widened ones?

Tech Notes

There might be a call somewhere that lets you temporarily widen the buffer, sort of like save-excursion.

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