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[WIP] Attempt to handle modifier aliases

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1 parent f150fc0 commit 71b86fe0c55f138eb4bab5fd8678d0f743d19d9a @candera committed Mar 23, 2012
Showing with 26 additions and 12 deletions.
  1. +26 −12 src/clj/kchordr/core.clj
38 src/clj/kchordr/core.clj
@@ -3,7 +3,14 @@
(def ^{:private true
:doc "Map of keys to classes. Absence from this list means it's a normal key."}
- {:j [:modifier-alias :lshift]})
+ {:j [:modifier-alias :rshift]})
+(defn key-alias
+ "Given a key, give the key it aliases to."
+ [key]
+ (if-let [alias (get key-classes key)]
+ (second alias)
+ key))
(defn key-state
"Returns a new key-state object."
@@ -68,20 +75,28 @@
(->> keystate
(filter undecided?)
(map first)
- (mapcat (fn [k] [k :dn]))))
+ (mapcat (fn [k] [(key-alias k) :dn]))))
+(defn decide-modifier
+ "Given a keystate map, and a vector containing a key and its state,
+ assoc the appropriate new state for the key into the keytstate. The
+ appopriate state depends on whether the key is undecided. If it is,
+ the state comes from the key-classes map. Otherwise, the key state
+ remains unchanged."
+ [keystate ks]
+ (assoc keystate (first ks) (if (undecided? ks)
+ (second (get key-classes (second ks)))
+ (second ks))))
;; {:j :undecided :k :lcontrol} => {:j :lshift :k :lcontrol}
(defn decide-modifiers
- "Return a sequence of key events for undecided modifiers, deciding
- them to be their aliased equivalents.
+ "Return a new keystate wherein undecided modifiers have been decided
+ to be their aliased equivalents.
{:j :undecided :k :undecided :l :lalt} =>
- [:rshift :dn :rcontrol :dn]"
+ [:j :rshift :k :rcontrol :l :lalt]"
- (into {} (map (fn [ks] (if (undecided? ks)
- [(first ks) (second (get key-classes (second k)))]
- ks))
- keystate)))
+ (reduce decide-modifier {} keystate))
(defn process
"Given the current key state and a key event, return an updated key
@@ -99,11 +114,10 @@
:to-send (concat (:to-send state)
(undecided-modifier-downs keystate)
[key :dn])
- :keystate (apply assoc keystate
- (decide-modifiers keystate)))
+ :keystate (decide-modifiers keystate))
- (update-in state [:to-send] #(conj % [key direction])))))
+ (update-in state [:to-send] #(concat % [[key direction]])))))
(defn to-send
"Given a key state, return any pending key events, in the form of

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