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A global minor mode for emacs that will show what keys you've typed in a window.
-## Caveat Hacker
-I whipped this together in a giant hurry, but it seems to be stable enough.
-## Installation
-In your `.emacs`:
-(add-to-list 'load-path "/path/to/dir-with-show-keys.el/")
-(require 'show-keys)
-## Use
-M-x show-keys-mode
-This will create a buffer called `*shown-keys*` which will show the
-keys you've typed. Note that it ignores any commands in
-`show-keys-ignored-commands`, which by default includes
-`self-insert-command`. This keeps the output from being too noisy.
-It's not super-sophisticated, but it does catch most things. It's
-handy for screencasts or for pairing with someone who doesn't know
-emacs that well and is wondering what you're typing. It's also
-occasionally handy for figuring out what the heck you just did.
-## Screenshot
-## Credits
-Thanks to [Stuart Sierra]( for an
-assist with some of the weird bits.
+## Deprecation Notice
+*N.B.* After I wrote this,
+ [Jeff Weiss]( pointed out
+ [mwe-log-commands](
+ to me. As that does everything show-keys.el does and is more mature,
+ I'm deprecating this project. Go get that one if you need what this
+ does!

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