Displays the current outdoor temperature in the tray.
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Trempature - an outdoor temperature monitor that runs in the tray

Trempature is a simple program that puts an icon in the system notification
area (also known as the tray) displaying the outdoor temperature. It updates
once a minute. If it can't get the temperature for more than half an hour, 
the background turns red. 


* Always displays the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. 

To display the temperature in your location, run the program,
right-click the icon in the tray (it will read "NA"), select
"Locations" and "Manage Locations", and add a location near you. Then
right-click again, go to "Locations" and pick the location you added.
Click "OK", and within a few seconds, you should see the temperature
at that location appear.

Expect improvements to the location management stuff fairly soon. 

Questions, comments, requests: contact me at candera@wangdera.com.

-Craig Andera
January 5th, 2010