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Listen, you just want to log something? or might just want to save and retrieve JSON and perform basic operations on the data, like a database? Don't want to learn a big library to do that? You're in luck! Because loggd is aimed to solve all of these problems for you! Let me show you 😊

    "loggd": {
      "what": "A simple JSON database without complicating stuff",
      "why?": "It provides a simple interface to interact with a JSON file. CRUD, you got it",
      "isCool": true,
      "nestedObjects?": {
        "You": "Got It!"
      "arrays?": ["No", "Problem"]
    "_id": "49c6f6ee-5805-4499-95e0-53bfc0bdc7ad"


$ npm install loggd --save

For API documentation, detailed explanation and examples:


$ npm test




Added in version 2.0.0


  • Only adds an _id field if not already specified. Be careful, now its up to you to make them unique if you did in fact supply your own.
  • Ran prettier on the whole project


  • 🎉 new method: clear() - Clears the database file
  • Replaced stupid docstrings with jsdocs. should display a little bit of help on your fancy editors now.
  • Better tests. Really. (i think, i mean you can never be THAT sure..)
  • Updated dependencies
  • Moved db dir to test
  • Refactoring
  • Loggd is a class now. (Nothing for you to worry about)


  • MAJOR API CHANGES, If your project is using a previous version and you update this package, everything will break! I'm really sorry! But this is the cleanest version yet. Please read the docs. If you liked the previous version, You'll ❤️ this one!

Wait, who made it?

By @candhforlife mostly seen at COMSATS Lahore doing CS stuff to get a CS degree