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// Scry - Simple PHP Photo Album
// Copyright 2004 James Byers <>
// Scry is distributed under a BSD License.  See LICENSE for details.
// $Id: README,v 1.8 2004/10/02 02:09:10 jbyers Exp $

What's the point of another photo album?

For my needs, photo gallery programs always try to do too much.  They
add all kinds of extraneous metadata to your pictures, force you to
use a web interface to upload and manage photos, glom data (and
sometimes photos!) in a database, and generally complicate your life.
Photos are quite happy in a normal filesystem, with a simple XHTML
interface, image resizing, and strong template support for inclusion
in an existing site.

Scry is less than 700 lines of code, including configuration and
copious comments, contained in 6 source files.  It doesn't use a
database.  It has no administrative front end.  Change the filesystem
and the image views will change without interaction on your part.
Image resizing and caching is done on the fly.  You can easily embed
Scry into an existing site.  Scry is stable, secure,
production-tested, and won't change out from under you in two

If you're looking for more advanced photo album features, I recommend
Bharat Mediratta's excellent and comprehensive Gallery photo album
system (

What's Required:

- PHP 4.1.X or newer
- GD 2.0 or newer built as a PHP module with JPEG support
  GD 1.8 or newer built as a PHP module with JPEG support 
  (see note #4 below)

How to Install Scry:

1. Untar scry-1.1.tar.gz into your webserver's document root:

   cd /path/to/webserver/document/root
   tar zxvf /path/to/scry/scry-1.1.tar.gz

2. Move the resulting "scry-1.1" directory to "scry" (for purposes of
   these instructions)

   mv scry-1.1 scry
   cd scry

3. Create a directory for cached image files.  Set the permissions of this 
   directory so the webserver can create files therein.

   mkdir cache
   chmod 777 cache

4. Edit setup.php and change the first four variables:

   $CFG_url_scry     the URL to your scry directory from step #2
   $CFG_url_images   the URL to your photos directory

   $CFG_path_scry    the filesystem path to your scry directory from step #2
   $CFG_path_images  the filesystem path to your photos directory

5. Leave $CFG_template set to 'setup' and point your browser to the
   Scry URL you set in $CFG_url_scry.  You will see a set of tests to
   make sure Scry is set up correctly.  Correct any warnings and reload
   the page as instructed.

6. Once all the tests are green, edit scry/setup.php again and set
   $CFG_template to 'default'.  Reload the Scry URL; if all is well,
   you'll see directories and photos.


1. Scry can publish photos within your webserver's document root or
outside it on the filesystem.  If you set your $CFG_path_images or
$CFG_path_cache outside your document root, be sure to also set
$CFG_cache_outside_docroot and $CFG_images_outside_docroot to true.

2. It's easy to create new templates.  To create a new template, copy
the contents of the 'default' subdirectory to a new subdirectory.
Edit the new files as you please; they're XHTML with <?php ?> blocks
looping over and printing $T variables.  Change $CFG_template to your
template directory name to swich.

3. Scry 1.1 supports URL variables using both GET and path parsing
methods.  Both will work exactly the same way, but some people think
path parsing is more aesthetically pleasing.  Path mode requires
Apache 1.3 or Apache 2.0 with "AcceptPathInfo On" in httpd.conf or an
.htaccess file.  A quick way to find out if your webserver supports
path mode is to switch $CFG_variable_mode in setup.php to 'path'; if
your album still works, you're good.  DESIGN describes these modes in
more detail.

4. If setup passes all tests but no images appear, try setting
$CFG_use_old_gd to true.  If images then appear, your version of GD
does not support high quality image resizing.  Upgrading to GD 2.0 or
newer will correct this problem.

Known Limitations:

- Scry has only been tested on Linux and UNIX systems.  With
  correctly formatted path names, Scry should work without modification 
  on Windows or MacOS X.
- Scry supports only JPEG files.  Support for other formats may be 
  included in a later release.  
- Scry will not run on versions of PHP earlier than 4.1. This is very 
  unlikely to change in the future; if you're stuck with an old 
  version of PHP, it's time for your host to upgrade.
- On some systems, image quality may not be acceptible with GD versions
  before 2.0.

Troubleshooting and Support:

See for troubleshooting advice and support.

Bugs, Features:

Please submit bugs to the bug tracker:

Please submit feature requests to the RFE tracker: