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Using GitHub to document and publicly display my goals for better accountability
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Personal Goals (Updated: Feb 25, 2019)

Personal goals made open source.

Table of Contents

  1. About My Goals
  2. Baby Steps
  3. Reflect on:
  4. Backlog

Personal Foursquare

Myself Relationships Career World
Practice Self-care Create experiences Become a coach Practice RAK
Become Healthy Plan adult outings Create meaningful product Volunteer for Roc Solid

Reading Goal 📚

Goal: 6/24 books

reading stats

  • 0 fiction / 6 non-fiction
  • 2 read / 4 listen
  • 0 re-reads

2019 Goals 🏆

  • Complete my Full Focus Planner for the quarter
    • using a new goal system/planner, I wanted to make sure I fully utilize the planner before determining if it's the right system for me.
  • Achieve 32% body fat index
    • working from home means less movement. with my toddler getting faster, I want to be able to catch up. I also want to sleep better.
  • Finish Designlab course
    • I've always had a passion for UX and want to learn more. Though this isn't the only method I'm trying to learn more about UX, but I do enjoy the mentor aspect of it.
  • Obtain Product Manager certification
    • I love building products and features but I'd love to be at the beginning stages of design rather than the code side. I've thought about pursuing a product manager role.
  • Plan more family/friends/date activity once a month
    • Now that I work remotely, my relationships are more important to me. I need to make sure I stay in touch with those close to me.
  • Meditate 28 days a month or 450 minutes a month
    • I started meditating after reading Make Time. I think it has helped me worry less and provide me a calm that I've been seeking. I feel different on the days I don't meditate. Headspace has been a great way to help me with my practice.

Baby Steps 🐾

The way to achieve goals is baby steps. When you can make the baby steps happen, you're more likely to achieve your goals. Here are my baby steps:

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