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Personal Goals (Updated: Apr 6, 2020)

Personal goals made open source. For 2019, I used my Full Focus Planner to track my goals. For 2018, I used GitHub to plan my goals and record my achievements. For 2020, I wanted to go back to my GitHub so I can better document and access my plans. I started listening to the audiobook of 12 Week Year. I'm always iterating my goal setting.

Table of Contents

  1. About My Goals
  2. 12 Week Year
  3. Backlog

Personal Foursquare

I wanted to create a foursquare to give more focus to any goals I set.

Myself Relationships Career World
Practice self-care Create experiences Become a coach Practice RAK
Become healthy Plan social outings Work on something meaningful Volunteer for Roc Solid

Reading Goal 📚

I LOVE reading so I always make sure to have a reading goal every year. It's hard to set a list of books to read because I have different reading moods. It's like meal planning for the week but you really just want to have pizza. I thought I should create more general reading goals so I can make time to read.

  • Read longer fiction (500+ pgs)
  • Balance between non-fiction/fiction and listening/reading

Goal: 18/32 books

reading stats

  • 3 fiction / 15 non-fiction
  • 3 read / 15 listen
  • 1 re-reads
  • 2 longer fiction

2020 Goals 🏆

These are the goals I'd like to focus on this year. Though I'm trying to use the 12 Week Year Method, I already had these written out before coming across this new approach.

  • Help Roc Solid Foundation become more successful (achievement)

    • Though I still practice random acts of kindness, I've really gained a new sense of fulfillment when I volunteer for Roc Solid. It's more than just helping build a play set. I've helped with running events more efficiently and also created better workflows and solutions for day-to-day operations. I may not always be helping kids directly but I know it allows the staff to do so.
    • Milestones:
      • update Ready Bag Program workflow
      • obtain 120 donation items for the silent auction
      • raise $45k at the auction
      • create roadmap fo iterating the Play It Forward workflow
      • invite 5 more friends to get involved
      • raise $50k at the telethon
  • Obtain a PMI Scrum Master certification (achievement)

  • Spend more time with family and friends (habit)

    • Now that I work remotely, my relationships are more important to me. I need to make sure I stay in touch with those close to me. Last year, I came across the Social Gathering Checklist and found it as a great guideline to keep in touch with people. It's hard to do all of those in a month since coordinating with other friends who also have kids is nearly impossible. I don't want to create more stress on myself just to meet with others.
      • Quarter:
        • Q1: 6/10
        • Q2:
        • Q3:
        • Q4:
  • Explore coaching (achievement)

    • I really enjoy helping people achieve their goals and had a great experience with a coachee. I want to explore coaching and see if coaching is something I'd like to pursue, even if it was on the side. I love motivating people and giving them the encouragement they need and/or help them explore themselves.
  • Improve my mental health (habit)

    • I started meditating after reading Make Time. I think it has helped me worry less and provide me a calm that I've been seeking. I feel different on the days I don't meditate. Headspace has been a great way to help me with my practice. I've also been doing Future Self Journaling to be more mindful of my habits and what I can do to adjust them.
    • Milestones (per quarter):
  • Achieve 32% body fat index (achievement)

    • Working from home means less movement. With my toddler getting faster, I want to be able to catch up. I also want to sleep better.
      • Milestones:
        • lose 4.5% body fat
        • complete 6 weeks of intermittent fasting
        • lose 9% body fat
        • lose 13.5% body fat
        • complete 12 weeks of intermittent fasting
        • lose 18% body fat
        • down to size 10

12 Week Year

The idea behind 12 Week Year is setting goals per 12 weeks versus the full year. Instead of separating my planning monthly or by quarter as previous years, I'm listing them out as 12 weeks.


Using GitHub to document and publicly display my goals for better accountability



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