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Candide Atelier is the place to build on open Account Abstraction Infrastructure & Software, focusing on ERC-4337 and Safe Accounts.


Developer Infrastructure

⚒️ AbstractionKit

The Reference SDK to build on Safe with ERC-4337


ERC-4337 Account Abstraction Bundler


🛡️ Smart Contract Accounts & Modules

📱 Candide Wallet

Candide wallet is an open-source mobile smart contract wallet. It uses social recovery and allows for ERC-20 gas payments. Learn more on our website

🔐 Self-custodial

  • Candide Wallet will never store your private keys, and all software is open source

👶 Simple yet secure

  • Add your trusted recovery contacts, or your hardware wallet
  • Pay Network Fees with Stablecoins

🫶 Open Source & censorship resistant

  • Designed to be future censorship resistant and free from third party control with ERC-4337

  • Github repo

🔥 Dapp with a Single Tap

  • Leveraging the power of Account Abstraction, bringing bundled calls in standardized way

🐪 Find Us

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  1. candide-contracts candide-contracts Public

    Smart contracts used by Candide

    Solidity 73 21

  2. voltaire voltaire Public

    Account Abstraction Bundler written in Python & Rust - ERC-4337

    Rust 43 12

  3. candide-mobile-app candide-mobile-app Public

    Candide mobile wallet

    Dart 38 15

  4. abstractionkit abstractionkit Public

    AbstractionKit - Account Abstraction SDK by Candide

    TypeScript 16 6

  5. Candide-Paymaster-RPC Candide-Paymaster-RPC Public

    Paymaster RPC endpoints for ERC-4337

    Python 11 3

  6. security-center security-center Public

    CANDIDE Wallet account recovery interface

    JavaScript 6 1


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