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Custom Buildr Tasks

Unless otherwise noted, these tasks are all recursive: they will run on the project you are in and all subprojects contained within.


  • buildr gettext:extract runs xgettext
  • buildr gettext:merge runs msgmerge
  • buildr msgfmt runs msgfmt

The msgfmt task is run during compilation and it can take awhile to run on every different locale we support. To alleviate the slowness, the task looks at the environment variable nopo. If the variable is set to a locale or comma separated list of locales, msgfmt will only run against those locales. Setting nopo to anything else will prevent msgfmt from running at all.

If you keep forgetting to set nopo you can have Buildr do it for you automatically by placing something like the following in ~/.buildr/buildr.rb:

#! /usr/bin/env ruby

ENV['nopo'] ||= 'de'

Buildr will automatically evaluate that file and set nopo to "de" unless the variable is already set.

Check for Dependencies with CVEs

  • buildr dependency:check

The dependency:check task will check a project (and all sub-projects) using the OWASP Dependency Check to see if any dependencies have CVEs reported against them. The maximum allowable CVSS score can be modified by setting the max_allowed_cvss to a float value between 1.0 and 10.0. Any CVEs above the maximum allowed CVSS score will cause the build to fail.


  • buildr checkstyle

Buildr provides a Checkstyle task, but we have our own that reads from the Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin configuration. The Eclipse configuration defines several variables that are then passed in to the project_conf/checks.xml (which is the actual Checkstyle configuration). This practice allows us to have slightly different style requirements for tests versus production code. The Eclipse Checkstyle Plugin defaults to reading from a file named .checkstyle in the root of the Eclipse project and that file points to the location of checks.xml. Unfortunately, checks.xml isn't in the Eclipse project root and the plugin doesn't know how to look outside of the Eclipse project directory except by using an absolute path.

To solve this problem, we generate the .checkstyle file programmatically when running the buildr eclipse task. The template is located at project_conf/.checkstyle and uses an XML entity to represent the location of checks.xml. When you run buildr eclipse, we set the value of the conf_dir entity in project_conf/eclipse-checkstyle.xml to the absolute path to checks.xml and drop the result into .checkstyle in your Eclipse project directory.

Spec Tests

  • buildr rspec runs RSpec tests serially
  • buildr rspec:parallel runs RSpec tests in parallel when possible
  • buildr rspec:failures runs the tests that failed on the last run
  • buildr rspec:my_spec_name:my_test_name runs my_test_name in the my_spec_name file

The spec tests are our integration tests. You can run them serially with buildr rspec. If you want to speed things up use buildr rspec:parallel. That task will run most of the tests in parallel. A few must still be run serially to prevent errors (generally import tests are run serially).

You can run specific tests by appending items to the rspec task name. For example, buildr rspec:vcpu,consumer will run any spec file that begins with "vcpu" or "consumer". You can exclude tests with a minus sign in front of the identifier. E.g. buildr rspec:-vcpu will run all spec files that do not begin with "vcpu".

Additionally, you can provide either line numbers or test names to the task. For example, buildr rspec:vcpu:62,41 will run the tests on line 62 and 41 of the vcpu spec file. Likewise, buildr rspec:vcpu,consumer:consumer will run all tests in the vcpu and consumer specs that have the word "consumer" in the test name.

The general syntax is

rspec:test_name[,test_name ...][:signifier[,signifier ...]]

where the signifier is either a string or an integer.

Please note that if you need to use a phrase to single out a test, you will need to quote the task name: buildr "rspec:vcpu:should be valid" to prevent the shell from interfering. Also note that any phrase or line number you specify will be applied to all tests. So buildr rspec:vcpu,consumer:62 will only run tests that begin on line 62 in either the vcpu or consumer specs. This is a limitation of RSpec itself.

When you run RSpec, failed tests are recorded in target/rspec.failures. You can then use the rspec:failures task to just run failed tests which will then update the list of failures again. Thus, you can keep running rspec:failures until the list is empty.


  • buildr "changeset:my changeset name" Much like the rspec task, the changeset task is followed by a colon and an argument. In this case the argument is a brief description of the nature of the changeset. Be sure to quote the task name to prevent the shell from interpreting the spaces.


  • buildr erb renders any templates found under the erb directory

This plugin is discussed in detail at


  • buildr syntastic creates .syntastic_class_path for the Vim Syntastic plugin
  • buildr pom creates a pom.xml file with the project dependencies in it
  • buildr rpmlint runs rpmlint on all *.spec files