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Add commit SHA1 for 0.9.8 to release notes.

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1 parent 6450247 commit fc3b9ba798d7fb1a1f0d16e018487fb3eed8cb74 @floehopper floehopper committed Sep 18, 2009
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-= 0.9.8 ()
+= 0.9.8 (645024765b2d92018efc511652e1174163844e39)
* Fixed bug "NameError raised when using Mocha as a Rails plug-in" - Since 0.9.6 the Rails plugin has been broken. See bug report for details. You will need to explicitly load Mocha *after* the test framework has been loaded, e.g. by adding "require 'mocha'" at the bottom of test/test_helper.rb.
* Make Mocha::ParameterMatchers#regexp_matches, #includes, #has_value, #has_key more robust. Thanks to Sander Hartlage.
* Allow passing a block to Mocha::Configuration methods to only change configuration for the duration of the block. Thanks to Dan Manges.

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