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this notice is not a legal software usage agreement, it is provided as a courtesy to assist you in reviewing the licences associated with the modules making up this product.
FGDCAddressTool Notice
Unless otherwise indicated all content is made available under:
SpatialFocus BSD 3 Clause License (BSD) Version 1.0 (BSD). A copy of this license is provided with the product.
Software packaged with the FGDCAddressTool includes available at (
JASPA 0.2.0 available at (
H2 available at (
javacsv available at (
eclipse jar-in-jar-loader available at (
These packages and their internal components are covered under one or more of the following licenses.
GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 (available at
GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.0 (available at
Eclipse Distribution License Version 1.0 (available at
Common Public License Version 1.0 (available at
Apache Software License 1.1 (available at
Apache Software License 2.0 (available at
Mozilla Public License Version 1.1 (available at
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