Code and data samples used in my blog, Quantified Savagery.
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Quantified Savagery: Files Repository

This repo is the code supplement to Quantified Savagery, my blog about my explorations into the Quantified Self.

As mentioned in my first post, the blog will use per-experiment categories. This repo follows a similar organization. For instance, /Panic contains materials relating to my panic self-tracking experiments.

/lib contain stools of general use. For instance, I wrote a utility called chdecode that decodes chd parameters in legacy Google Chart URLs, enabling you to get your data out of services that only show you fancy charts.

This repo does not contain:

  • Configuration files. This means my code might not immediately work for you, as there could be required packages to install.
  • Pseudocode. Given that you have all required packages, the code posted here is working code. Algorithms are described directly on the blog.
  • Super-short snippets. I use gist for that.
  • Media files. Videos, photos, and audio files are linked to directly on the blog.
  • Enormous data blobs. The focus here is really on the code for generating, extracting, manipulating, and visualizing data. For experiments that generate reams of data, I might commit smaller representative samples.

Enough of the negative part! Look around, ask questions, file issues, submit pull requests - and have fun!