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#ifndef POINT_H
#define POINT_H
#include <iostream>
class Point {
class adjacent_iterator;
Point(int row = -1, int col = -1);
int col() const;
int col(int col);
int row() const;
int row(int row);
bool insideMap() const;
Point& moveDirection(unsigned char direction);
Point& moveNorthwest();
Point& moveNorth();
Point& moveNortheast();
Point& moveEast();
Point& moveSoutheast();
Point& moveSouth();
Point& moveSouthwest();
Point& moveWest();
bool operator<(const Point& p) const;
bool operator>(const Point& p) const;
bool operator<=(const Point& p) const;
bool operator>=(const Point& p) const;
bool operator==(const Point& p) const;
bool operator!=(const Point& p) const;
static int gridDistance(const Point& p1, const Point& p2);
int _row;
int _col;
class Point::adjacent_iterator {
adjacent_iterator(const Point& from, bool include_self = false);
adjacent_iterator(const Point& from, const char* priority);
operator bool() const;
adjacent_iterator& operator++();
const Point& operator*() const;
const char* _agenda;
Point _from;
Point _cur;
void find();
std::ostream& operator<<(std::ostream& os, const Point& p);
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