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Move Half Pixel

Abandon: Sketch 46 已自带移动距离调节...


Move layers half pixel

Installing Plugins

Direct download

  1. Download the ZIP file and unzip
  2. Open the MoveHalfPixel.sketchplugin

Install with Sketchpacks

Install sketch-move-half-pixel with Sketchpacks

Install with Runner

  1. Press + ' open Runner window;
  2. Switch to install tab;
  3. Type MoveHalfPixel;
  4. Select Move Half Pixel item and press Return.

Works with Sketch Runner


  • option ↑ Move up 0.5px
  • option ↓ Move down 0.5px
  • option ← Move left 0.5px
  • option → Move right 0.5px