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🖌 Rename and sort artboards based on their x and y position; Rename layers based on their Style and Symbol.


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Name Organizer

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Installing Plugins

Direct download

  1. Download the ZIP file and unzip
  2. Open the NameOrganizer.sketchplugin

Install with Sketchpacks

Install sketch-name-organizer with Sketchpacks

Install with Runner

  1. Press + ' open Runner window;
  2. Switch to install tab;
  3. Type NameOrganizer;
  4. Select Name Organizer item and press Return.


Name Organizer

Press + + N on keyboard to callout the plugin dialog.

Rename Layers

Rename all layers based on their Style, TextStyle or MasterSymbol and format them.

Name Format

  • CamelCase
Foo Bar => FooBar
--for-bar-- => FooBar
__FOO_BAR__ => FooBar
  • camelCase
Foo Bar => fooBar
--for-bar-- => fooBar
__FOO_BAR__ => fooBar
  • kebab-case
Foo Bar => foo-bar
FooBar => foo-bar
__FOO_BAR__ => foo-bar
  • snake_case
Foo Bar => foo_bar
--for-bar-- => foo_bar
FooBar => foo_bar
  • Start Case
FooBar => Foo Bar
--for-bar-- => Foo Bar
__FOO_BAR__ => Foo Bar

Sort Artboards

Sort artboards based on their x and y positon.

Run with Runner

  1. Press + ' open Runner window;
  2. Type name;