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This is a maven archetype to generate a basic tycho based project for eclipse.org projects.

The archetype is created by running:

mvn clean install

The above will install the archteype into your local repository.  

To run the archetype:

mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeCatalog=local

Select the minerva-eclipse-project-archetype from the list of archetypes, and follow the prompts.
The artifactId should be in the form of org.eclipse.projectName.  Replace projectName with your
projects actual name.  

In addition to the default required properties, there are several additional ones that need to be filled in.

bundleId = this is the root bundle id for your project. It is in the format of, org.eclipse.minerva.  Replace as appropriate for your project.
projectName = The textual Project name.  i.e. Minerva
providerName = the provider of the plugin. i.e. eclipse.org or Eclipse Foundation.