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Mylyn and Git integration

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            == Eclipse Mylyn Integration ==

This package is licensed under the EPL.  Please refer to the 
and LICENSE files for the complete licenses within each package.

This package is actually composed of three major components:


    An Eclipse plugin providing the user interface on top of


    This project is for building an Eclipse "feature"
    out of the plugins above.


    This package is for producing and update site, i.e. a web site
    you can point your eclipse at and just upgrade.

- Eclipse 3.5.2 is the minimum Eclipse version for egit 0.11 and later.

- Newer versions may implement new functionality, remove
  existing functions and change others without other notice than what
  is written in the commit log and source files themselves.

            == Support                         ==

  Post question, comments or patches to the mailing list.

            == Contributing                    ==

  See SUBMITTING_PATCHES in this directory. However, feedback and bug reports
  are also contributions.
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