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Import dependencies in Stache views.


can-view-import function

<can-import from="MODULE_NAME" />

Statically import a module from with a [can-stache] template. MODULE_NAME will be imported before the template renders.

<can-import from="components/tabs" />
<tabs-widget />
  1. MODULE_NAME {moduleName}: A module that this template depends on.

<can-import from="MODULE_NAME">content</can-import>

Dynamically import a module. MODULE_NAME will be imported dynamically; the scope within the template is a Promise.

<can-import from="components/tabs">
    {{#if isResolved}}
        <tabs-widget />
  1. MODULE_NAME {moduleName}: A module that this template depends on.


Passes MODULE_NAME to [can-util/js/import/import] and sets the 's viewModel to be the returned Promise.

<can-import from="bootstrap/bootstrap.css" />
  1. MODULE_NAME {String}: The name of the module to import.


Instantiates the provided [can-view-callbacks.tag] and sets its [can-component::viewModel viewModel] to be the Promise for the import.

  1. TAG_NAME {String}: The tag name (usually a [can-component]) to use.


Sets up a [can-stache-bindings.toParent] binding to *NAME in the references scope.

  1. NAME {String}: The variable name to assign to the references scope. This can be any string name you want to use, but must be preceded by * or it will be placed on the template's View Model.

    <can-import from="app/person" {^value}="*person" />
      hello {{*}}


Making a Build

To make a build of the distributables into dist/ in the cloned repository run

npm install
node build

Running the tests

Tests can run in the browser by opening a webserver and visiting the test.html page. Automated tests that run the tests from the command line in Firefox can be run with

npm test