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@function can-zone.ignore ignore @parent can-zone.static

@signature Zone.ignore(fn)

Creates a function that, when called, will not track any calls. This might be needed if you are calling code that does unusual things, like using setTimeout recursively indefinitely.

import Zone from "can-zone";

new Zone().run( function() {
	function recursive() {
		setTimeout( function() {
		}, 20000 );

	const fn = Zone.ignore( recursive );

	// This call will not be waited on.
} );

@param {function} fn A function that contains calls to asynchronous functions that are needing to be ignored.

@return {function} A function in which calls to [can-zone.prototype.addWait] and [can-zone.prototype.removeWait] will be ignored, preventing the Zone's promise from remaining unresolved while asynchronous activity continues within.



Zone.ignore is used to prevent a function from being waited on within a Zone. Normally a Zone's calls to functions like setTimeout and XMLHttpRequest are waited on before the [ run promise] is resolved, but in some cases you might not want to wait on these calls; for example if there is a very long delay or a delay that will not result in rendering to take place.

Provide Zone.ignore a function and it will return a function that can be called in it's place.

import Zone from "can-zone";

const fn = Zone.ignore( function() {

	// do any asynchronous stuff here
} );

fn(); // waits ignored