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Latest commit d18c4a4 @daffl daffl v2.3.3
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build Don't remove development code from development build. Resolves #2004
component code cleanup and verification of live-binding changing event bindings
compute for #2098 avoids returning prototype compute
construct Merge pull request #2032 from canjs/
control Fixes #1955. Added support for drag and drop DOM events
event moving comment
guides Merge pull request #2024 from Daniel-Hug/patch-5
list Update the indexMap when a move occurs
map set correct path to steal
model Changing the deprecation note to a warning #1129
observe changes computes to bind immediately
route changes to depth based compute approach
test Fixes firefox
util some performance improvements
view fixes #2067 and #1554
.editorconfig Re-enable importing template tests
.gitattributes Fixed EOL issue
.gitignore Add standalone tests and fix can.view.autorender
.jsbeautifyrc processing jshint modifications to codebase, includes jshint integrat…
.jshintrc Addin SimpleDOM to standalone.
.npmignore Update ignore files.
.travis.yml Make sure to use new Travis CI infrastructure
Gruntfile.js Fixes #1933. Should point to the current directory
bower.json v2.3.3
builder.json Make can/view/href part of bindings and therefore core.
can.js Add can/map/define to default can require Updating version number. Hopefully kicks off new docs build. v2.3.3 Switching all bitovi/canjs references to the new organization at canj…
documentjs.json Fixed problems in the examples for section helpers in stache and must… merged master into minor
package.json v2.3.3 Switching all bitovi/canjs references to the new organization at canj…
system-config.js update so build_fragment is a plugin and AMD tests work with latest c…


Build Status

WARNING: This npm package is for the CanJS client-side MV* framework. It was formerly the node-can project which has been moved to socketcan. A HUGE thanks to Sebastian Haas for letting us use the can name!

NOTE: The canjs NPM package name is deprecated. Use can instead.

CanJS is a MIT-licensed, client-side, JavaScript framework that makes building rich web applications easy. Use it because it’s:

  • Smaller
  • Faster
  • Safer
  • Easier
  • Library-er

Demos and Docs

Go to for docs, downloads, tests, demos, and more.

Support / Contributing

Before you make an issue, please read our Contributing guide.

You can find the core team in #canjs on

Release History

See the Changelog.


MIT License, see License.

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