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New features

IE11 support

IE11 is now included in the CanJS test suite:


A lot went into making this possible:

can-bind v1.1.0 - Log what caused the mutation to change.


can-list v4.2.0 - Restore sort method to can-list

Restore sort method to can-list:

  var myList = new List([


// => ["Austin", "Hyrum", "Marshall"]

can-queues v1.2.0 - lastTask, runAsTask

.lastTask is used to get the last task to execute.

queues.lastTask() //-> {fn, args, context, meta}

.runAsTask(fn, makeReasonLog) is used to run a function such that it can be logged in logStack().

var task = queues.runAsTask(function myTask(){
}, function(){
    return ["myTask called on", this, "with",arguments];

can-stache-bindings v4.6.0 - allow multiple one-directional updates

If a parent component renders a child like:

<child value:to="this.value">

And child updates parent's value to "A"

And child renders:

<grand-child value:to="this.value">

Which causes an update to <child> which causes another update to <parent>, there would be 2 updates an the 2nd update was being prevented because of "cycles". We now allow 100 of these changes.

Bug fixes