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can-stache v4.15.10 - lazy evaluation and scope issue in partials

canjs/can-stache#632 Adds lazy evaluation in most scenarios. This will be most obvious in and() and or() helpers. For example, if this.foo in {{#and( this.foo, this.bar )}} is falsy, this.bar will never be evaluated.

Note that some expressions are evaluated no matter what. For example: foo[bar] is evaluated no matter what and so is looking up the method in a call expression like foo(arg1, arg2).

canjs/can-stache#639 Fixes a scope issue in partials where the scope would change.

can-stache v4.15.11 - fix for scope change in case when inside an #each

canjs/can-stache#640 - Fixes {{#each value}}{{#switch(item}}

can-stache v4.15.12 - Ordering of for/let/converters causing tests to fail


can-define v2.7.2 - Fix getSchema

Issue: #410 - Makes sure custom types are returned by canReflect.getSchema()

can-define v2.7.3 - hasKey and hasOwnKey support expando properties

Issue canjs/can-define#412 - Makes the following work:

var a = new DefineMap({foo: undefined})
canReflect.hasKey(a,"foo") //-> true

can-define v2.7.4 - adds onPatches symbol for IE11

can-query-logic v1.1.7 - Sort custom types fix

Always use the .valueOf() operator for custom types. This fixes a sorting bug.


can-stache-bindings v4.6.5

Can now use this:

<button value="1" on:click:value:to="myScopeProp"></button>

To assign the value 1 to the myScopeProp upon click.


can-stache-bindings v4.7.0

You can now do:

<some-component on:event="doSomething(scope.event)"/>

can-stache-bindings v4.7.1 IE11 regression fixed

can-attribute-encoder v1.1.2 - Attributes with letters after numbers

Fixes prop1A:from="bar"

can-attribute-observable v1.2.0

AttributeObservables emit on every event.


can-bind v1.2.0 - Allows for the ability to not initialize the parent

can-bind v1.3.0 - Added onEmit / offEmit to listenAndUpdate methods for emitted values

can-dom-mutate v1.3.6 - Document dom-events.js

Fix canjs/can-dom-mutate#31:

  • Move node.js to node/node.js

  • Move dom-events.js to events/events.js

  • Document events/events.js

can-event-queue v1.1.4 - Fix binding method order of .on and .off

Commit: canjs/can-event-queue@aa06912 This fixes the order of .on to use @@can.onEvent, addEventListener, @@can.onKeyValue. It does something similar for .off.

can-observation-recorder v1.3.0 - named stacks and peakValue

You can now call .start() with a name useful for debugging like:

ObservationRecorder.start("some debug label");

This also exposes a .peakValue() which lets you read an observable without leaking ObservationRecoder.add calls:

var num = value.with(3)

ObservationRecorder.peekValue(num) //-> 3

can-route-pushstate v5.0.9 - Refactoring + Inline Documentation

Greatly improved inline documentation and released docco docs.

Refactoring focused on better use of inherited binding and mixins from can-simple-observable.


can-view-scope v4.12.0 - Lazy Initialization and supporting primitive reads

#197 fixes someProperty.split('').reverse().join()

#196 new ScopeKeyData can be passed a warnOnMissingKey option. This will warn if a value is missing. Also, ScopeKeyData is lazy now.

can-view-scope v4.12.1

scopeKeyData.initialValue //-> should not emit a observationRecord 

can-view-scope v4.13.0

scope.args added as a "fixed" version of scope.arguments. scope.args will give similar arguments to map.on("event", (event, newVal, oldVal)=>{})

can-symbol v1.6.3 - Added docs for onEmit and offEmit Symbols


can-component v4.4.10 - Test fixes