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IRC bot written in SWI Prolog. Supports pluggable command modules.
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                         P O W E R L O A D E R

(1) Edit host/1, port/1, handle/1, and chan/1 in
(2) Start an SWI listener, consult and run PowerLoader:

    ?- [powerloader].
    ?- start.

(3) Interact with the bot by sending commands to the channel:

    10:43 *** blargbot JOIN
    10:43 <blit> !load paranoia
    10:43 <blit> !target
    10:43 <blargbot> Target: none
    10:43 <blit> !register
    10:43 <blargbot> blit: The operation succeeded.
    10:43 <blit> !target 10
    10:43 <blargbot> Target: 10
    10:43 <blit> !bid 5
    10:43 <blargbot> Target: 15
    10:43 <blit> !roll
    10:43 <blargbot> blit: 20 [15] (failure)
    10:44 <blit> !quit
    10:44 *** blargbot QUIT Client Quit

The bot knows only three commands by default: !load, !unload, and !quit.
Functionality is added by writing extension modules. See the comments
in and the example module ( for details.

// eof
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