search method implement of EMongoDocument seems to not work #56

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hi canni :
i use the gii generate the views , but in admin view , there come out some exception :

Fatal error: Call to a member function getDbCriteria() on a non-object in C:\xampp\htdocs\my\livmx\protected\extensions\YiiMongoDbSuite\EMongoDocumentDataProvider.php on line 73

you can check the EMongoDocument and admin view , i don't know the reason but this two place seems to be mess:
* Magic search method, provides basic search functionality.
* Returns EMongoDocument object ($this) with criteria set to
* rexexp: /$attributeValue/i
* used for Data provider search functionality
* @param boolean $caseSensitive whathever do a case-sensitive search, default to false
* @return EMongoDocument
* @SInCE v1.2.2
public function search($caseSensitive = false)
$criteria = $this->getDbCriteria();

    foreach($this->getSafeAttributeNames() as $attribute)
        if($this->$attribute !== null && $this->$attribute !== '')
            if(is_array($this->$attribute) || is_object($this->$attribute))
                $criteria->$attribute = $this->$attribute;
            else if(preg_match('/^(?:\s*(<>|<=|>=|<|>|=|!=|==))?(.*)$/',$this->$attribute,$matches))
                $op = $matches[1];
                $value = $matches[2];

                if($op === '=') $op = '==';

                if($op !== '')
                    call_user_func(array($criteria, $attribute), $op, is_numeric($value) ? floatval($value) : $value);
                    $criteria->$attribute = new MongoRegex($caseSensitive ? '/'.$this->$attribute.'/' : '/'.$this->$attribute.'/i');


    return new EMongoDocumentDataProvider($this);

you comment : Returns EMongoDocument object ($this) with criteria set to
but the end of the method witch return an instance of EMongoDocmentDataProvider;

in the admin view :

widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array( 'id'=>'product-type-attr-grid', 'dataProvider'=>new EMongoDocumentDataProvider($model->search(), array( 'sort'=>array( 'attributes'=>array( 'productTypeName', 'inputType', 'dataType', 'modelAttribute', 'label', 'value', /* 'items', 'htmlOptions', '_id', */ ), ), )), so you see :)

TheHett commented Jul 1, 2012

I have the same problem

The problem is with ADMIN view (I am guessing you used Gii generator for CRUD)
'dataProvider'=>new blah blah
Should be


Hi Canni,
It will be good if you can help us to make admin workable using will be great

Thanks in advance

Same problem occur with me. I have solved this by doing following steps:

  1. Goto file YiiMongoDbSuite\EMongoDocument.php find function name search() do this in it:
    //return new EMongoDocumentDataProvider($this);
    return new $this;
  1. Now in admin view do this:
'dataProvider'=>new EMongoDocumentDataProvider($model->search(), array(
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