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wkii commented Sep 24, 2012


The name of the replica set to connect to. If this is given, the master will be determined by using the ismaster database command on the seeds, so the driver may end up connecting to a server that was not even listed. See the replica set example below for details.

config example:

'mongodb' => array(
'class' => 'EMongoDB',
'connectionString' => 'mongodb:/localhost',
'dbName' => 'mydb',
'fsyncFlag' => false,
'safeFlag' => false,
'useCursor' => false,
'replicaSet'=>'myReplSet', // it's new

canni and others added some commits Feb 16, 2011

raise afterSave earlier to match CActiveRecord event model.
This will trigger the event with correct information (before changing record status)
Value for useCursor can be supplied directly with the query
This will makes it lot more comfortable to write clients, that
need to specify this at every query, since it's not more necessary
to back up the value of the global, or model level useCursor flag
Fixed bug with field selection
findAll did not work with field exclusion
Bug partially fixed: embedded documents in array did not get the owne…
…r set

The owner is only set after loading the documents from the db. I did not
found a way to catch the event when the document is added to the array
thus I was not able to set the owner in this case.
update Criteria. long int value use MongoInt64.
long int value use MongoInt64.
example: java time format.
PECL mongoclient >=1.3.0 use new MongoClient.
Can effectively reduce the mongodb connection number.
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